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Social Media

We are Social Media Marketing Strategists

Some say Social Media is a waste of time.

We know engaging your audience can propel your business into the future.


What can Social Media Marketing do for you?

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What’s our approach to Social Media Marketing?

Free Analytics Audit

It all starts with what you want to achieve from social media. We say that if you can measure it, you can multiply it so ThoughtShift will review your Google Analytics account for free to see if your tracking is set up correctly. If there are any gaps in measuring your traffic, conversions and sales we’ll let you know what’s missing from your social media analytics.

Community Research

96% of businesses increasing social media activity

With 96% of businesses looking to increase social media activity in 2013, you need to make sure you create a totally unique experience for your communities. Another me-too Twitter feed is not what the world needs. Monitoring competitor and influential accounts for the conversations that get your audiences excited is how we find the nuggets of content that get your communities going and develop the best angles for your brand to engage with them.

Brand Optimisation

Once we know where your audiences are online, we can then get your brand profiles optimised so people can find you. This stage includes taking advantage of all the customisation that platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook offer to ensure your brand messages, keywords and calls to action are in the right places to deliver your business objectives.

Content Creation

ThoughtShift’s social media specialists give your customers what they want. We help you develop stories, tips, guides, news, events, special offers, competitions and programmes that will ignite a passion for your brand and extol the virtues of your business. Wrap it up in a bow and serve it on the platforms your audiences want at a frequency that they want it at.

Community Management

Managing social media communities can be a minefield filled with flames and trolls but as one of the first digital agencies to be Lithium Community Management qualified we have response mapping down to a fine art. Our proven approach includes uncovering all the different types of situations and questions a brand might get and providing social media guidelines and policies for response and action. This enables marketing, sales and customer services teams to have conversations with customers on behalf of the brand safe in the knowledge that they’re saying the right things and have established processes in place should they need further advice.

Influencer Outreach

Social media marketing is all about nurturing relationships, whether that’s with customers, partners or influencers that your customers listen to. Using social media tools, we assess the value of what developing different relationships will mean so you can effectively reach more of your audience for your buck. But ultimately, you need a solid community strategy with content creation plans in place before you can identify who your best influencers will be.

How can ThoughtShift help you?

If you’d like to find out more about working with us to get more new customers from digital marketing, contact us for a free Digital Marketing consultation. We’re very happy to review your existing analytics and provide example recommendations for free to give you a taster of how we work.


ThoughtShift has been such a pleasure to work with during our maiden online campaign”

Drew Jonas, Managing Director at Naturally Connected
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