A Guide to Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics

A guide to setting up Goals - cover

How to effectively set up Google Analytics goals to track your website's success

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    Olivia Collins

  • Date:

    31st May 2013

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    Setting up goals in Google Analytics is a relatively simple way to track your website’s objectives. Setting your objectives up as goals in Google Analytics will have a huge benefit for your website as it provides additional data, reports and insights into how you can better achieve your objectives.

    Once you understand goal tracking data, it can really help improve your website’s conversion rate (goal achievements/ visits). The data that Google Analytics provides can help you measure the success of different calls to action and adjust your content and navigation accordingly. It can also help you compare the success of different campaigns so that you can track where the most conversions are coming from and target your resources more effectively.

    Read our practical, step by step guide to explain which goals are right for your website and how to set them up.

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