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Protect and increase your existing Google keyword rankings, SEO traffic and sales for your new website launch

How our SEO Website Migration approach works

Our SEO Website Migration agency service is completely bespoke to your requirements and includes:

1. SEO Website Migration Consultancy

Every website is unique. So whether your website is built in WordPress, Magento, Shopify or a custom content management system (CMS), our SEO Website Migration agency consultants start by understanding your unique challenges and goals. We then advise and guide you through your entire website design and build process through to launch.

2. Technical SEO Migration Audit

As SEO Website Migration experts, our agency has successfully migrated over 70 websites of all sizes. From small local businesses relying on their website for new sales enquiries, to global brands processing millions of eCommerce transactions. Our extensive technical SEO migration audit has been honed to slot in seamlessly with in-house web development teams and external web design agencies alike.

3. Converting Keyword Research

Our advanced keyword insight techniques enable us to identify the keywords that are currently sending your website leads and sales from SEO.  Through Keyword Ranking Tools, Google Analytics and Google Search Console analysis, our SEO migration consultants are able to find which pages of your website are driving the most traffic and sales. Our evidence-based approach means that we can provide a definitive list of which pages of content require protecting in the new web design and also what content can be changed without resulting in a loss of traffic and new business.

4. Content Gap Analysis

Our SEO migration keyword research process also uses our award-winning audience insight technique to find new keyword gaps to incorporate into the new site build. We will assess thousands of keywords from “head” keywords with 1-2 words which are more likely to drive traffic, to “longtail” keywords with 4-6+ keywords which are more likely to drive conversions. We will either include the newly identified keywords within existing page body content and metadata or make recommendations for where to add new pages into the navigation and URL structure.

Long tail keywords

5. URL Redirect Mapping

A critical element in a successful SEO migration for a new website is making sure any deleted or moved pages are permanently redirected to their new location on a page by page basis. Temporary redirects do not pass any domain authority across and so you will see your traffic drop otherwise. We include manual checks of your redirects in our SEO website migration projects as standard. When there are hundreds of thousands of URLs at stake, missing one important redirect carrying a significant amount of Google authority can be catastrophic to your traffic and business.

seo website migration fail example

SEO Website Migration Fail Example

6. Metadata Migration 

Along with your current domain authority, your metadata is the other most influential factor that impacts your organic Google search engine rankings and subsequent SEO traffic, leads and sales. Since 2011, we’ve recovered rankings, traffic and eCommerce revenue previously lost because the website metadata was not migrated as part of the new website launch. Missing out the meta can be just as catastrophic as not redirecting URLs, so we assess and migrate title tags and meta descriptions on a page by page basis.

7. Content Migration Strategy

Search engines understand website content across three layers. Your copy, your design and your code. Any changes to any of these content layers will impact your page 1 keyword positions, SEO traffic, leads and sales. Our SEO website migration consultants advise your marketing, web design and web development teams with each layer of content from front end user experience design layout, through HTML and JavaScript code and across every word of copy. We make sure we migrate every valuable piece of your old site to your new website and maximise any new opportunities for improvement at the same time. 


What you can expect from our SEO website migration agency

Our SEO Website Migration agency service starts with a SEO Migration Audit & Strategy which includes setting measurable project milestone goals. Followed by SEO Migration consultancy, regular reports and project reviews.

Phase 1

SEO migration consultancy before any web design starts

Phase 2

SEO migration audit and strategy to create all the SEO requirements for your new web design

Phase 3

Reviewing your web design to check everything complies with the SEO requirements

Phase 4

Live testing all content, metadata and technical SEO requirements are working correctly once live

Our SEO migration clients say

“ThoughtShift have more than exceeded my expectations. They are thorough and detailed, providing me with reports that are easy to understand and logical. I have seen a 31% increase in web driven revenue for the US site, which in this highly competitive market is solid. In the UK the increase has been a whopping 505% – all in all we are very happy with the results!”

- Simon Wolf – WOLF, Director/CEO

“By far the best agency we have ever worked with. We’ve developed such a great relationship with ThoughtShift, who have really integrated as a part of our team here in the office. Communication is always clear, concise and quick, to the point and sensible.”

- James Mellan - Marketing & Brand at Smaller Earth

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for us over the past year or so, I’ve really appreciated the hard work, support and guidance you and the team have given us. As you know I am happy to recommend ThoughtShift to anyone who asks and have done so already!”

– George Cole, Digital Marketing Manager, Travel Nation

Why ThoughtShift?

ThoughtShift is a multi award-winning SEO migration agency using smarter SEO website migration strategies to help innovative companies protect and grow their existing traffic, sales and ROI.


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Multi-Award Winning


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