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How our Instagram Advertising approach works

Our Instagram Ads Audit & Management service is tailored to your company and includes:

1. Instagram Advertising Consultancy

Whether you’re looking for a new Instagram Advertising account set up or an audit of your existing Instagram ad campaigns, our Instagram Ad agency consultants start by understanding your unique goals and challenges. We then advise and guide you through every step of either auditing or setting up your Instagram Advertising account.

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2. Instagram Custom Audiences Creation

The best way to increase brand awareness and increase conversions is to start by finding people who already know you on Instagram. We do this by using your email address data to find matches with Instagram user profiles and create Custom Audiences. 

3. Instagram Audience Targeting Strategy

Once we have segmented your existing customers, general email subscribers and Instagram followers, we overlay your Instagram Custom Audiences with audience targeting data. Instagram Advertising targeting options include location, hobbies, job titles, age and professions so you can reach your ideal audience.

4. Instagram Advertising Strategy

Depending on your Instagram media spend and business goals, we will set up your Instagram Advertising Strategy to maximise your visibility, clicks and return on investment and create a plan for rolling out campaigns. Within the first month of working together we will present our recommended Instagram Ad Campaign Strategy, along with various ad creatives and priority campaign activities for your approval.

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Example Instagram Ad for BUNAC

5. Instagram Remarketing Campaigns

Once your Instagram Advertising campaigns are live, another Instagram Advertising technique that can be very effective in driving eCommerce sales and direct response, is Instagram Remarketing. You can use sequential messaging to different Instagram users depending on whether they’ve previously purchased, viewed, clicked or engaged with your ads. For example, an effective way to grow repeat purchases is to promote a new pair of trainers to previous customers who previously bought from the same brand in the past.

6. Instagram Ads Management

Our Instagram Ad Agency Professionals manage your campaigns on a daily basis to get ongoing performance gains. Instagram management activities include directing your Instagram Ads Strategy, analysing account performance, refining bids, testing new ad creative and deploying new campaign targeting such as location based sales promotions when customers are near your physical stores or venues.

7. Instagram Ads Reporting

As eCommerce and lead generation specialists, our Instagram Advertising reports track brand impressions, engagements, clicks, cost, sales performance, return on ad spend and cost per acquisition as standard. All our Instagram Advertising reporting is bespoke, tailored to your goals with actionable insights and what we will be doing next to enhance performance.


What you can expect from our Instagram Advertising agency

Our Instagram Advertising agency service starts with an Instagram Ads Audit / Set Up & Strategy which includes setting measurable monthly and quarterly goals depending on your goals and media budget. Followed by daily Instagram Ads management, regular reports, consultancy calls and strategy reviews.

Phase 1

Increase brand visibility and ad impressions

Phase 2

Increase video engagements and clicks

Phase 3

Increase eCommerce sales and sales leads

Phase 4

Increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI)

Our Instagram Advertising clients say

“ThoughtShift have more than exceeded my expectations. They are thorough and detailed, providing me with reports that are easy to understand and logical. I have seen a 31% increase in web driven revenue for the US site, which in this highly competitive market is solid. In the UK the increase has been a whopping 505% – all in all we are very happy with the results!”

- Simon Wolf – WOLF, Director/CEO

“Everyone is so pleased with the results and it was a completely pain-free process. We look forward to working with the ThoughtShift team on new developments in the future as we continue to take our website to the next level”

Craig Dunn - Head of Visual Marketing at Icon Live

“By far the best agency we have ever worked with. We’ve developed such a great relationship with ThoughtShift, who have really integrated as a part of our team here in the office. Communication is always clear, concise and quick, to the point and sensible.”

- James Mellan - Marketing & Brand at Smaller Earth

Why ThoughtShift?

ThoughtShift is a multi award-winning Instagram Advertising agency using smarter Instagram Advertising strategies to help innovative companies achieve their potential.


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Multi-Award Winning


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