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Plan where and how your brand interacts directly with customers online with a social media strategy

Social Media marketing is undoubtedly an important marketing activity for a B2C business to engage in. Nevertheless, diving in without a clear strategy can often lead to problems whether that is:

As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users, a potentially huge market just waiting to be tapped

  • Languishing profiles because there is not enough time to manage them
  • Embarrassment over inappropriate comments related to your brand
  • Reputation damage due to a small number of active dissatisfied customers discussing their experience on your social media profiles
  • Disaster because a team member failed to effectively deal with inappropriate or negative comments and made the situation worse

The first Facebook Advertising campaign our team ran in 2008 was a huge success and so now almost a decade later, our advanced social advertising techniques combine multiple sources of eCommerce product data with Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics data to target Facebook users with the highest propensity to buy right now. One of our Facebook Advertising campaigns achieved a 4,300% return on ad spend.

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Find out how ThoughtShift can help you with a social media marketing strategy on your free digital strategy session with our Co-Founder Helen Trendell. Alternatively read more here. Once we know what you want to achieve from your social media presence an effective social media marketing strategy will include:

Social Media Research

  1. Who are your target audiences?
  2. Where are those audiences active online?
  3. What type of content do those audiences engage with?
  4. What are your brand competitors doing on social media?
  5. Who else are you competing with on social media to be seen by your target audiences?

Social Media Analysis

Once we have done the research it will be possible to analyse both your existing and your competitors’ social media activity. This social media analysis will include looking at how relevant your existing and your competitors’ social media activity is it to your audience. Are they engaging with it? Are there any content gaps that we could fill?

Social Media Content Strategy

Based on the social media research and analysis we will create a bespoke social media content strategy which will include:

Social Media Strategy Training

Following the creation of a bespoke social media strategy we can run 1 to 1 or up to 1 to 5 social media training sessions with your team. This will always be delivered by one of our Directors and depending on the training needs of your team will cover using the different social media platforms, tools and executing your social media strategy effectively.

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