10th Day Of Xmas: Good Site Health = Good User Experience

Posted by Tara
It’s the 10th Day of ThoughtShift Christmas, and that festive feeling should be coursing through every fibre of your being by now. Or is it? Today’s illustration is about good user experience. We would like to let you in on a little secret, users aren't very patient.I know it seems a little bit unfair, you’ve spent all this time building the site and launching it. It’s a complex process. ‘Don’t users appreciate this effort?’ I hear you say. Well, no. They don’t care, a dawdling and slow site isn’t helping the user and they will most likely bounce straight off your site and onto a competitor.If you’ve got a slow website, you better sort it out if you want to reach your target audience and have them interact with your brand regularly. The same goes for technical problems, browser incompatibilities and any other issue that a user might have needs to be dealt with swiftly – so you’re going to need a good long look of your site - imagine your website like a ride, if it doesn’t move along to it’s completion as it’s supposed to users will get off. And they probably won’t come back any time soon.Make sure you check back at the ThoughtShift Blog for the 11th Day of Christmas tomorrow.