Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Get found at the top of all the search results you want with Google Ads pay per click advertising

How our Google Ads approach works

Our Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) PPC Audit & Management service is completely bespoke and includes:

1. Google Ads Consultancy

Whether you’re looking for a Google Ads Audit of your existing account or a brand new Google Ads Set Up, our Google Partner Agency Consultants start by understanding your unique challenges and goals. We then advise and guide you through the entire process of either auditing or setting up your Google Ads account.

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2. PPC Campaign Architecture

The success of your Google Ads campaign is completely dependent on creating your campaign structure using Google best practice. A Google Ads account with multiple campaigns and ad groups means budgets, bids and targeting can be controlled at maximum efficiency which Google rewards you by improving your Quality Score.

3. PPC Keyword Research

With Google Ads, there are no limits to the number of keywords your brand could be found at the top of Google for. However, without an unlimited budget we analyse the best keywords for you to prioritise depending on your goals, media spend, the competition and seasonal search demand.

4. Ad Copywriting

Google Ads text ads include ad headlines, ad copy, ad link and ad extensions. Our ad copywriters use the headlines to attract your customer’s attention and entice them to click with a call to action. There are also numerous ad extensions that can improve both click through rate and Quality Score including Click to Call Extensions, Callout Extensions & Ad Seller Ratings.

5. Google Ads Account Strategy

Depending on your media spend and goals, we will set up your account strategy to maximise your return on investment for peaks in demand and create a plan for rolling out campaigns. Within the first month of working together we will present our recommended strategy and priority Google Ads campaign activities for your approval.

6. Google Ads Campaign Management

Once approved and live, our Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Certified Professionals manage your campaigns on a daily basis. Google Ads management activities include directing your Google Ads strategy, analysing account performance, refining bids, testing new ad copy and deploying new campaign targeting such as time of day and location segmentation.

7. Google Ads PPC Reporting

As eCommerce and lead generation specialists, our PPC reports track search impressions, clicks, cost, sales performance, return on ad spend and cost per acquisition as standard. All our PPC reporting is bespoke and tailored to your goals with actionable insights and what we will be doing next to enhance performance.


What you can expect from our Google Ads agency

Our Google Ads agency service starts with a Google Ads PPC Audit / Set Up & Strategy which includes setting measurable monthly and quarterly goals. Followed by daily Google Ads management, regular reports, consultancy calls and strategy reviews.

Phase 1

Increase search impressions and clicks

Phase 2

Increase click through rate and conversions

Phase 3

Increase return on ad spend (ROAS)

Phase 4

Increase return on investment (ROI)

AdWords PPC Agency Prices

Our Google Ads agency costs are completely transparent and flexible. We include everything in one fixed monthly fee, so there’s no surprises and you can scale up or down to suit your growing needs.


£900 per month


£1350 per month


£2700 per month

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