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eCommerce PPC and retargeting are in a league of their own

With multiple product variations, real-time stock checks and dynamic pricing changes that could get you banned if your shopping feed breaks Google’s rules, running pay per click campaigns to continuously grow revenue and return on investment (ROI) requires a specialist eCommerce PPC approach.

PPC strategies managed on a % of media spend model are often woefully ill equipped to provide enough resources to squeeze the best possible return on investment from Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and AdWords campaigns, especially for seasonal trading peaks. So you may never reach the heady heights of what could be possible for your profit without a PLA expert on your team. 

Multiple product variations

Multiple product variations

Seasonal trading peaks graphic

Seasonal trading peaks

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Shopping feed customisation

Our paid media services are geared for growth

As a specialist eCommerce PPC and ad retargeting agency, our team manages your Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Remarketing Lists for Search (RLSA), Bing Shopping and Bing Ads campaigns on a daily basis to continuously improve your Quality Score so you pay less per click and appear in higher ad positions.

As one of a select number of Premier Google Partner agencies already managing millions of pounds in media spend, our award-winning team have proven expertise in increasing paid media search impressions, click through rates and conversion rates to get more new customers and drive up profitability.

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Trusted by both independent and global companies

Just a few of our eCommerce PPC case studies

Some of our eCommerce PPC technology expertise

ThoughtShift is one of the few PPC agencies with Premier Google Partner accreditation specialising in Search Ads and Shopping Ads. This means we have a dedicated account management team at Google to support all our clients and get advance notice for upcoming changes to Google AdWords, Google Shopping and Merchant Center before everyone else. We’re also professionally accredited by Bing Ads.

Our eCommerce PPC clients say

“ThoughtShift have more than exceeded my expectations. They are thorough and detailed, providing me with reports that are easy to understand and logical. I have seen a 31% increase in web driven revenue for the US site, which in this highly competitive market is solid. In the UK the increase has been a whopping 505% – all in all we are very happy with the results!”

- Simon Wolf – WOLF, Director/CEO

“Excellent communication and very knowledgeable team. We have been very pleased with the results of our integrated SEO and PPC campaign which has resulted in a 294% increase in revenue from search engines.”

- Sian Gray, Marketing Manager at Calumet Photographic

“I have worked closely with ThoughtShift throughout my time at Bloodwise, their experience and knowledge in digital media has been both invaluable and an education, and the way they deliver has always  been a pleasure to work with. For me the highlight of the campaign so far has been getting $480,000 worth of annual funding from Googles Grantspro which has helped us extend our reach in paid advertising, other significant highlights have been the a massive 79% increase to organic fundraising event sign-ups and increasing paid media eCommerce revenue by 39% year on year.”

- Rich Williams – Head of Creative & Digital at Bloodwise

Why ThoughtShift?

ThoughtShift is a multi award-winning eCommerce PPC agency with a wealth of experience and a management team each with 20 years digital expertise. Using our proven high performance paid media strategies, over 350 companies (so far) have grown in some of the most competitive markets on the planet. So if you’re looking for a dramatic shift in your PPC return on ad spend, click through rates, Quality Score, clicks, conversions and sales, we’d love to share our thoughts with how you could do just that.

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Why now?

As we know time waits for no-one. So it’s important to get your Pay Per Click campaigns ready in time to maximise their potential return on investment. The countdown is on and there’s now only a few days left until the following big dates in the marketing calendar…


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