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96% of Google Analytics accounts aren't set up correctly

Data insight specialists

We specialise in improving digital performance for retail, tech, travel and non profit brands by using our proprietary data analysis techniques to extract data insights from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Calumet Photographic
£3 Million to £11 Million Revenue Growth

“Excellent communication and very knowledgeable team. We have been very pleased with the results of our integrated digital marketing, SEO, PPC and Paid Social campaign which has resulted in a 294% increase in ecommerce revenue.”

– Sian Gray, Marketing Manager at Calumet Photographic

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Data insight expertise

Our data insight and analytics experience is gained from consulting with over 2000 brands to increase ecommerce revenue, lead generation and return on investment performance.

Our data insight approach

Our proven data insight approach identifies issues with your current analytics set up to create powerful insights that answer key business questions and improve digital performance across your marketing channels, teams and campaigns.

Performance Consultancy

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • How much should I spend to acquire a new customer?
  • How should I attribute value across my marketing channels?
  • What’s the most effective way to allocate marketing budget?
  • What are the most profitable customer journeys?
  • How much should my marketing budget be?
  • How does digital marketing impact instore sales?
  • What’s the impact of bidding on brand through PPC?
  • What’s the maximum I can spend on cost per acquisition?
  • How does seasonality impact customer behaviour?

Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Google Search Console Audit
  • Google Tag Manager Audit
  • Conversion Audit
  • Ecommerce Audit
  • Multiattribution Audit
  • Call Analytics Audit
  • Adobe Analytics Audit
  • Google Ads Data Audit
  • Facebook Ads Data Audit

Analytics Strategy & Set Up

  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Google Tag Manager Set Up
  • Adobe Analytics Set Up
  • Ecommerce Tracking Set Up
  • Multiattribution Set Up
  • Call Analytics Set Up

Data Insight Consultancy & Training

  • Digital Marketing Reporting
  • Website Performance Reporting
  • Ecommerce Performance Reporting
  • Multiattribution Reporting
  • Analytics Consultancy
  • Conversion Consultancy
  • KPI Consultancy
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics Training

Award winners

We’re the proud winners of 3 Marketing Excellence Awards from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Our data insight agency clients say

“ThoughtShift have helped my sites recover from decline after new site launches, supported in successfully re-launching new websites, suggested new opportunities to elevate online performance and always delivered return on investment. An honest, knowledgeable and friendly team who always make me feel they’ve got mine and my businesses’ best interests at heart. I’d strongly recommend ThoughtShift.”

- Chris Grimes, Managing Director, Manor Cottages

“Our main challenge is to grow our digital business alongside our traditional brick and mortar stores, to reach a new generation of customers. ThoughtShift have been excellent, integrating SEO and PPC expertise to enable us to identify a new demographic, increase brand awareness, overachieve on our online sales target and provide a fantastic long-term return on investment.”

- Ben Ellis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Marine Super Store

“By far the best agency we have ever worked with. We’ve developed such a great relationship with ThoughtShift, who have really integrated as a part of our team here in the office. Communication is always clear, concise and quick, to the point and sensible.”

- James Mellan - Marketing & Brand at Smaller Earth

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