Calumet Case study

Calumet Photographic

Leading professional photography equipment retailer

The Situation

Calumet Photographic wanted to integrate SEO and PPC campaigns in order to improve visibility for key products and improve the ROI from PPC media spend.

The Solution

Buying cycle keyword research highlighted an opportunity for the SEO campaign to target research type keywords, whilst the PPC keyword strategy targeted phrases which had buying intent.

Meta data and content optimisation applied the target camera brand keywords to title tags, meta descriptions and page copy for camera brand landing pages.

Informative onsite guides on photographic styles were created to capture different types of photographer customers at the research stage.

Criteo retargeting campaigns were audited and optimised.

Amazon Product Ads campaigns were set up and optimised.

Facebook Ads based on highly targeted audience interests were set up and optimised.

Google Shopping campaigns were audited and optimised to focus on long tail, product specific keywords with the highest conversion rates.

Negative keyword lists were continuously added to Google AdWords campaigns in order to increase the visibility of ads targeting the most specific long tail search queries with buying intent.

Collaboration with the Calumet Photographic team meant that AdWords campaigns were highly reactive to search trends and competitor pricing strategy.

The Results

  • 294% year on year increase in SEM (SEO & PPC) and Paid Social revenue
  • 147% year on year increase in SEO revenue
  • 42% year on year increase in SEO transactions
  • 60% year on year increase in average order value from SEO
  • 66% year on year increase in eCommerce conversion rate from SEO
  • Page 1 rankings for keywords like “Camera Shops London”, “photography equipment” and “camera shop”
  • 239% year on year increase in paid media revenue
  • 222% year on year increase in Google Ads revenue
  • 100% year on year increase in Google Shopping revenue
  • 196% year on year increase in revenue from Criteo Ads
  • 159% year on year increase in ROI of Criteo Ads
  • 43:1 ROI generated from Facebook Ads
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£3 Million to £11 Million Growth in Revenue

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