GA4 Training Course Overview

This Google Analytics 4 training course will start by teaching you some of the key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 data collection and the impact that this will have on your reporting moving forwards. The next stage will leave you understanding GA4’s interface so you can confidently navigate the platform to find the data you need. In the afternoon session you will be learning GA4’s reporting functionalities including how to build bespoke dashboards and make useful reports more prominent in your interface.

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GA4 Course For Marketing Professionals

This GA4 course has been designed for marketers who are familiar with Universal Analytics and will be using Google Analytics 4 regularly moving forwards. No experience of GA4 is required.

This online course is focused on understanding GA4 for measurement and reporting, it includes in-platform configuration guidance but does not cover the technical setup of GA4 tracking.

Really enjoyed it. For an online course I thought Anne-Charlotte did it brilliantly. I’ve already recommended her to others

Carol Bolger, Work the World

Key Takeaways

At the end of this 1 day course you will:

  • Understand the differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 data collection
  • Be confident in navigating the GA4 interface to find the data that you need
  • Know how to configure different events to track the key interactions with your website
  • Know how to create custom dashboard style reports for your business
  • Know how to customise the interface to streamline your organisation’s usage of GA4
Anne-Charlotte - Google Certified Trainer

Your GA4 Trainer

Anne-Charlotte is a Digital Analytics Architect who specialises in technical SEO and Google Analytics. Anne-Charlotte has been working in Marketing for over 10 years and specialised in Digital Marketing since 2016. Having worked with a range of businesses over her career she brings a wealth of insight into how Google Analytics is used within Marketing teams and this is reflected in her practical guidance through this GA4 training.

Anne-Charlotte has been leading the GA4 transition project within ThoughtShift since July 2022, learning the quirks of the platform and adapting as Google rolls-out it’s many updates. She has worked with our entire client base to accurately configure the GA4 tracking code, ensure data accuracy and troubleshoot irregularities. She has mastered the in-platform configuration to make this transition as straightforward as possible for our clients. She has taken 300-hours of trial and error, frustration, light-bulb moments and successes and distilled them into this 1-day online course. What a star!

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GA4 Course Agenda

GA4 Fundamentals

  • What is GA4
  • Key differences with Universal Analytics

GA4 Dashboards & Data Management

  • The GA4 reporting interface
  • Events & conversions reporting
  • Slice & dice your data your data by channel, audience, device and more
  • Report customisation
  • Advanced reporting: Explorations

6 Useful GA4 Reports For Your Business

What To Do With Your UA Data

Why Choose the ThoughtShift GA4 Training Course?

If you are a Marketing professional who refers to Google Analytics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis then this training is for you. Developed after hundreds of hours of practical usage of the Google Analytics 4 platform this course focuses on:

  • How marketers can get the most out of the data collection, through configuration guidance
  • How to find, or create, the reports you need for meaningful analysis and actionable insights
  • Special team pricing, not a fixed per-delegate price, so that your whole team can understand how to use this powerful and essential tool

Anne-Charlotte was fantastic, giving a full in-depth run through of GA4. It was clear she has spent a lot of time testing, prepping and investigating the platform – she was a clear expert in the platform during the session.

- GA4 Training Attendee, June 2023

GA4 Training Cost

It is important for all marketing stakeholders to understand how GA4 is different from Universal Analytics and how to get the best out of the platform. We also know that Marketing Directors will identify different opportunities or challenges within the platform to Marketing Executives. With this in mind we have created a pricing structure to encourage all team members to be able to attend the course.

1 Attendee

  • 1 Day Training
  • 30 Days Support


£478.80 inc VAT


2 Attendees

  • 1 Day Training
  • 30 Days Support



£717.60 inc VAT

4 Attendees

  • 1 Day Training
  • 30 Days Support



£1,075.2 inc VAT

5 Attendees

  • 1 Day Training
  • 30 Days Support



£1,254 inc VAT

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