8th Day Of Xmas: Keeping Ahead In Social Media

Posted by Tara
‘Tis the 8th day of Christmas, and all through the digital marketing house – people are tweeting, from Coca-Cola to Deadmau5…Social media image. Christmas ThemedYes indeed, social media is in and amongst us – it pervades many aspects of both social and business culture, to the point that anyone worth their salt is active on it in some shape or form. Social media marketing is now a very important method for generating traffic for a website, as well as establishing or raising brand awareness.The ability to conduct campaigns through social media is a great way to make a mark, with the Kony 2012 campaign illustrating this quite well in the early part of the year. These days, things like Twitter have also become synonymous with PR reputation management, giving companies the ability to actively engage with their customers during good times and bad. With this ability, the O2 cellular network showed some gumption in response to complaints about their network going down – rather aptly confirming social media as an effective tool in managing a crisis. It’s safe to say that social media is now very important to business in the digital age.Please take a look at today’s illustration and be sure to come back to the ThoughtShift Blog tomorrow for the next installment.