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Posted by Helen

We’re delighted to announce that the hard work of our PPC consultants has been rewarded, with ThoughtShift retaining its Google Premier Partner status for 2024!

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This is in recognition of our team’s exemplary expertise in delivering paid search strategies focused on making the best use of our clients’ advertising budgets to reach the right audiences while helping them exceed their digital marketing goals with measurable revenue increases.

Working with a Google Premier Partner provides many benefits for businesses looking to enhance their Paid Search performance

As a Google Ads Premier Partner, we remain among the UK's top 3% of Google Ads Partners. This means we’re recognised as a leading Google Ads agency in the UK and can help you supercharge sales and return on investment and deliver relentless growth.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Google Ads Premier Partner status is awarded to a digital performance agency or consultant that demonstrates expertise and success in managing and delivering Google Ads campaigns. It’s part of the Google Partners programme, which helps businesses find the best paid search agency or consultant to provide campaigns that make the best use of their budget and deliver a strong return on investment.

How to become a Google Premier Partner

In addition to meeting the strict Google Partner requirements, Google Premier Partners must be among the top 3% of agencies or consultants in their country.

Google determines this based on, but not limited to, the following five criteria:

  1. Existing client growth
  2. New client growth
  3. Client retention
  4. Product diversification
  5. Annual ads spend

In addition, the agency’s team must take and pass a range of courses to ensure that they’re fully up to date with the latest developments in Google Ads, including Google Shopping, Performance Max and remarketing. This means they’re well-placed to take advantage of changes or new features and exceed their clients’ expectations with supercharged Paid Search performance.

What are the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner?

Working with a Google Premier Partner provides many benefits for businesses looking to enhance their Paid Search performance. In addition to the partner’s Google-verified expertise, they have direct access to Google resources that aren’t available to other agencies.

Here are a few reasons why your business should work with a Google Premier PPC agency:

  1. Expertise & Certification: Google Premier Partners must have team members certified in Google Ads and demonstrate their proficiency in using the platform, including text ads and Google Shopping. Not only are our Paid Search specialists certified, but they’re also dedicated to honing and expanding their knowledge and expertise using Google’s training courses and exams.
  2. Strategic Performance Growth: Along with managing paid ads, Google Premier Partners like ThoughtShift usually focus on helping brands with their wider digital marketing strategies, ensuring their Paid Search strategies are fully aligned with wider business objectives.
  3. Dedicated Google Support & Prioritisation: A Google Premier Partner agency has direct access to Google representatives, which provides significant advantages in campaign management and troubleshooting. This means businesses benefit from faster issue resolution with prioritised and personalised support.
  4. Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness: With advanced training and resources, Google Premier Partner agencies are better equipped to manage campaigns effectively. This can lead to better campaign performance, including more efficient budget use, improved targeting and higher levels of ROI.
  5. Early Access to Beta Features: Businesses that work with Premier Partners gain early access to Google's Beta features. This means businesses can leverage the latest tools and functions in Google Ads before they become available to the general public, helping them gain an edge over competitors.

How does an 18x return on ad spend sound?

Since 2011, our PPC agency consultants have helped businesses from a wide range of sectors, from ecommerce and retail to travel and health and wellness, achieve relentless growth through data-driven digital marketing strategies.

Read our digital marketing case studies to discover how we’ve helped national and global brands achieve 6,7 and 8 figure revenue growth using our award-winning ThoughtShift Digital Marketing Methodology.

If you’re looking for a multi-award-winning Google Ads Premier Partner agency that’ll act as an extension of your marketing team and focus on double-figure return on ad spend, contact us now for your free digital performance consultation.