Digital Marketing Training Programme

Digital Marketing Training Academy

The ThoughtShift Digital Marketing Academy is the continuous learning programme that is designed to nurture fresh talent and develop the Digital Marketing Architects of tomorrow.

Our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship & Training Programme

ThoughtShift looks for apprentices with a wide range of skills whether they are analytical or creative, design or copy based. Our digital marketing apprenticeship / internship / trainee programmes will test and develop your skill set whilst also introducing you to a range of related skills that will enhance your overall employability in the digital sector. The digital training programme and subsequent workload begins by looking at core search engine optimisation (SEO) principles and how to apply them to digital marketing campaigns. You will then learn about the value of social media marketing and its impact on SEO, customer engagement and revenue from a website. How to measure and report on digital marketing activity will be included in this. The next stage will be to co-create a digital marketing campaign for a client and learn all the factors which need to be considered to generate a successful online campaign and how to measure the success. The final stage will be to contribute to a digital marketing strategy. You will work on a range of campaigns and will gain invaluable experience in B2C marketing, B2B marketing, eCommerce marketing and lead generation campaigns. At the end of the initial qualifying period (3-18 months depending on the programme) the successful candidate should have a very full view of what goes into creating a digital marketing strategy, how to deliver parts of it to generate positive results and how to communicate those results to the client.

Current Training Opportunities

There are no current training opportunities at this time.

The Candidate

We are looking for someone who is hardworking, ambitious and has attention to detail. The only academic requirement is GCSEs, we can teach you everything we will need you to know. Ideally you will be active on several social platforms such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Facebook and may have your own blog. However, this is not a must, you just need to be active online and have a good writing style.


Remuneration will depend on the circumstances. Every member of the ThoughtShift Academy follows a structured training programme to ensure that you develop core skills for your career. You will also be learning from thought-leading Digital Marketing Architects in the team who practice what they preach and can show you how to apply academic skills to the workplace.

Digital Careers

The ThoughtShift Academy should give you the step up you need into your digital career. Wherever your digital skill set lies the idea is that from the broad range of expertise in the team you will learn more not only about your specialism, but how that fits in to the bigger digital strategy picture. This will help you to understand why and how digital marketing decisions and plans are made and enable you to be a stronger asset to any digital and or marketing team.

Academy Graduates

Successful applicants to the ThoughtShift Academy have gone on to a range of careers, see what they have to say:

Tara Dulake – Digital Marketing Architect at ThoughtShift Ltd

“The internship offers the chance to learn and gain experience in the varying aspects of SEO and digital marketing with the freedom to delve deeper into the areas of particular interest. I would certainly recommend it for anyone wanting a career in digital marketing.”

Alex Novakovic – Content Specialist at ThoughtShift Ltd

“Being an intern was a very positive experience. I learned a lot, and had all the support I needed to do well. It was always fun and relaxed, without too much pressure, and I was always encouraged to pursue the areas I was interested in or was particularly suited to. It was a challenge, but very worthwhile.”

Joseph Bradley – Digital Marketing Consultant at ThoughtShift Ltd

“As a business graduate the ThoughtShift internship was the perfect place for me to hone and add to the skills I had learnt in the past 3 years and apply them to a digital marketing environment. The great thing about the internship is it gives you an overview of all areas of digital marketing from content optimisation to web development and then gives you the option to specialise in the area that you are most interested in. This makes it so much different to any other internship scheme as you are in control of your own career path.”

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