Employer Advice

Employer Advice case Study

Employment law company with over 25,000 small business clients 

ThoughtShift provided email marketing, PPC, Website Development, CRO, & SEO services

The Solution

  • Designed a website in keeping with the brand identity, which was tested for usability and optimised to convert visitors.
  • Created a free employment law advice guide for 2014 to incentivise email sign ups and drive organic traffic to the website
  • Created a series of authoritative blog posts and published them on the Employer Advice website
  • Meta data and content optimisation applied the target keywords to title tags, meta descriptions and page copy
  • An advanced technical audit found opportunities to improve the ability for search engine robots to crawl and index the site
  • Keyword research found that there was an opportunity to rank for the keywords “free employer advice”
  • Created a series of welcome emails covering different employment law issues as well as sending monthly emails with the latest blog posts and employment law updates
  • Optimised the PPC campaign to achieve a low CPA whilst ramping up SEO work to phase out PPC dependency

The Results

  • Google AdWords PPC campaign was optimised to generate 20+ leads per day
  • Organic traffic increased by 70% in 6 months and 253% YoY
  • Lead generation from natural search increased by 53% in 6 months
  • Ranked on page 1 for keywords like “free employer advice” and “free hr advice” within 6 months of the SEO campaign launching
  • An email database built from sign ups on the website from 0 to 500 in 4 months