4th Day of Xmas: Measure Success

Posted by Tara
Welcome to the 4th day of Christmas and our run down of the most important digital marketing techniques that any website owner should know about.For many people operating online, particularly with ecommerce websites, Christmas is the ultimate busy season. The flurries of activity as people shop for their Christmas presents and finally make the decision to buy means that you have so much going on, to the point that it’s hard to keep track.With a digital marketing campaign, measuring the effectiveness and success of your campaign is essential. Without an accurate analysis of all your data, it’s impossible to get a handle on how well your business is doing.So it’s clearly important to have sound analytics services to make sure you have accurate details on traffic including page views and pages/visit as well as measuring any kind of ecommerce transaction – which then allows you to keep track of the number of transactions, basket size and lifetime customer value. The same values apply to non-ecommerce sites focussed on form completions and data capture – it’s always better to know where you stand.Check back at the ThoughtShift Blog tomorrow for the next instalment of ThoughtShift’s 12 Days Of Christmas.