How Stories Can Make Product Videos More Powerful

Posted by Gladys

Captivating stories can engross readers so much that they are willing to put their phone on silent mode and let their coffee go cold. What if your ecommerce digital marketing campaign could do the same?

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There are product videos that are entertaining for a fleeting moment. And some that make a significant impact in the lives of the people who encounter them. Not merely to sell, but to tell them a story that will ultimately help them decide to purchase or not.

Here are different types of storytelling approaches in digital marketing and how they could make your digital marketing campaign more effective.

About Us - A company’s journey to success can help build trust

In the world of storytelling, you don’t have to be as good as novelists and authors.

The internet is full of company mission statements that busy people have no time to read. Running large companies and big corporations is not an excuse to have boring About Us pages. Small and startup businesses also have to make theirs fascinating enough to spark interest in their target audience.

Instead of a sea of text stating how the company came about, create a video that will take viewers on a ride and give them a peek of who you are and what you have to offer.

By crafting a video telling a story about how much passion is behind the business or what problem led you to create a solution, you give people a reason to trust you and inspire them to check out your product or service.

Customer Testimonials - Real experiences prove your claims

Testimonial videos are always an effective method to showcase how your product or service can help change lives. It’s easy to say that you are the best. But who else could tell the best stories about your product or service but your customers?

Marketers should not be scared to ask customers for testimonials about how the business has helped them improve their life and resolve an enduring problem. When other people hear such stories straight from real customers, they are more likely to be drawn to the idea that they, too, can experience the same satisfaction. Such testimonials can be shot using a phone or webcam. If a customer has a jarring background, you can ask them to use a green screen filter or chroma key cloth so it looks more professional when you edit it.

Employee Testimonials - Gives your audience something to connect with

One meaningful way to reach out to potential customers is through human connection. Small businesses can use this to their full advantage by sharing personal stories of the founder, a manager, or an employee.

The director could share the struggles he went through with his life before he or she started the company. The ecommerce manager could share his or her climb up the ladder to success. An employee could share how working for this certain company has helped change their life for the better.

When viewers see that employees of a certain brand or business are well-taken care of, it helps them believe that they, too, will be in good hands. It makes them feel that they can trust the product or service because they know the people behind it. Any testimonial video can benefit from having a shot list so that all the right camera angles are captured.

Visual Imagery - How life would be with your product/service around

Ever wondered why most salespeople let you hold a product in your hand? Research has shown that it can help spark a desire to purchase.

But how can you do that online? Let your audience imagine it.

In a video, tell a story about how your product or service would benefit your readers. Compare it with an experience and use a lot of sensory words. Be specific because the details will help your audience imagine the scene better until it’s too awesome to resist.

Short Skits - Short movies are highly engaging and entertaining

Share the benefits of your product or service through stories. If you just plainly lay out the features and benefits of your product, it may seem like bland marketing and pure selling. Customers don’t want to feel like they are being pushed to make a purchase.

By telling a story of how your product or service can help them, they become more interested. Create a short skit that features a scenario where your product or service will come in handy. Stories are more captivating and easier to remember than direct product advertisements.

Bring out the storyteller in you

In the world of storytelling, you don’t have to be as good as novelists and authors. Your product video does not have to be that complicated. Just be truthful. Pour your heart and soul into your product videos. Connect to your audience like a human being would. Treat them as family, friends, or even neighbors, not merely as leads and sales opportunities. The more that you value connection and relationships, the more that your audience will value what you have to offer them.

Happy storytelling!