How to Leverage Ecommerce Marketing Automation to Increase Sales & Conversion Rate

Posted by Jasmine

The ecommerce world is changing every day. Marketers and business owners have to track the latest trends because ecommerce marketing strategies that were effective a few months ago don’t bring the desired results today. Therefore, it’s necessary to implement innovative ideas to increase sales and beat the competition. Marketing automation is one of the most efficient solutions for businesses, as it helps take care of different tasks efficiently. If you automate most marketing processes, it will be easier to increase customer loyalty, boost lead generation, and reach the target audience. In this article, we cover the ways you can benefit from marketing automation in 2021, so keep reading up.

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Marketing Automation Trends in 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many businesses faced problems and had to struggle with unforeseen financial and productivity issues. But the implementation of different technology tools, including machine learning, software, and automation, has helped enterprises survive in 2020. Namely, 68% of businesses use marketing automation to achieve their goals, personalize customer experience, and ease some tasks. Bear the following top trends in mind to succeed with your marketing strategy in 2021:

1: Personalised automated emails

Since we live in the era of personalisation, it’s necessary to build the marketing strategy, collect customer data and use it carefully. A wisely planned out email campaign will do miracles and make users take action, establish a special connection between your business and recipients, generate leads, and boost sales. The recipient will also feel like a part of a loving family if you use the information connected with their interests, age, gender, location, and other metrics to create a brilliant email campaign.

Thus, personalization and automation will become your powerful weapon if you set the right goals and know the difference between different email types. Many business owners prefer to hire an essay writer to write the welcome, special offer, confirmation, product announcement, and other email types to engage recipients and delegate responsibilities. This way, business owners can save their time significantly and make sure their messages speak to masses the way they should.

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2: AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning have recently opened new opportunities for businesses, and the popularity of these innovative solutions will keep growing. Advanced technologies will be an integral part of a successful automation strategy due to fantastic benefits they grant. Marketers can shape the customer journey, get meaningful insights, and improve workflow with the help of AI and machine learning. Innovative technologies help analyse customer behavior depending on the digital channels they use, which allows you to get an idea of what content type works better. Consider these insights to make effective decisions to improve the text quality and choose the right digital channels. Also, it’s advisable to partner with professional essay writers to make a customer journey perfect with the help of meaningful content.

AI indeed changes the way businesses communicate with customers since it acts as the brand representative and helps users solve different problems. By the way, chatbots are only the tip of the iceberg. Email inquiries and phone calls are also handled by AI. A customer can quickly get the necessary answers without waiting for hours to get feedback from the company representative. Thus, sharing responsibilities with robots allows company specialists to focus on other tasks.

3: Mobile marketing

Users got used to doing everything on the go, including shopping, reading, booking, etc. Since smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, business owners and marketers should pay attention to creating an effective mobile marketing strategy. An app can become the best solution to increase sales and reach out to your target audience fast and easy.

An app will help you get more customer data and take personalisation to another level, while a pro essay writer will create brilliant content to keep users engaged. Also, you should not forget about convenient payment methods to let any customer pay for your product or service without effort. ApplePay, Google Wallet, or Visa Checkout are the most popular choices these days. An easy way to purchase products, pay the bills, and provide and receive the necessary information will attract customers and help you boost sales.

A website’s mobile version is also an effective way to collect information about users. Marketers can get valuable insights connected with the location, browsing preferences, and many more. The understanding of user behavior will also help marketers improve their mobile strategies and automate content creation more effectively.

4: Privacy protection

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we live in the era of personalisation, and customers expect brands to guess their needs, solve their problems, and take care of them. However, marketers have to collect private data to provide customers with a highly personalised experience, and that’s why people are worried about their privacy and data protection. Even though customers get a better experience, they are hesitant about sharing their private information, which is understandable.

To protect their data and encourage them to share private details, you should gather and use information transparently. It will help you get the necessary data, improve customer experience, and increase loyalty. Take the following steps to show that you care about users and encourage them to share necessary details:

  • Improve your privacy policy and make it clear for users.
  • Automate marketing processes to protect data and make information collection transparent.
  • Come up with loyalty programs.
  • Explain to users that you use their private data to improve their customer experience. For this, you can create pop-up messages or write a few sentences along with the questionnaire.
  • Provide users with perks and unique content.

5. Marketing and sales alignment

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Marketing automation offers many benefits, but there’s also one aspect you should consider: you can improve marketing and sales alignment by automating most processes. This approach will help you achieve better coordination between departments and reach goals faster. Automation is an excellent solution that eases responsibilities, improves workflow, and boosts productivity. Both marketing and sales departments will be able to identify which strategic decisions will help increase sales and achieve the best results.

Automatic notifications, logged calls, email templates, and marketing campaigns tracking can help sales and marketing departments improve response time, strengthen relationships with customers and leads, and improve communication strategy. Hence, specialists of both departments will be able to understand where the leads come from and find out which solutions are more effective.


Marketing automation helps companies ease different processes connected with customer journey improvement, communication, sales growth, and many more. Although it may seem challenging to implement automation into your strategy, this step is a must for most businesses today. Follow trends that will dominate in 2021 to increase sales and conversion rate. Ask pro essay writers to create engaging content for personalised automated emails, use innovative technologies, create an app and site’s mobile version, and improve privacy security to leave the competitors behind. Besides, your sales and marketing departments will begin to cooperate better if you automate basic processes within them. So, consider these trends to increase your chances of succeeding in 2021.