Brighton Family Fun Day for Starr Trust

Posted by Tara

This Sunday (8th Sept) - 11am – 5pm

Come along to Churchill Square Shopping Centre in Brighton this Sunday to enjoy a fun family day that we have organised to help raise funds for Hove charity, The Starr Trust as part of a one year campaign that started May this year.

The family run charity who were chosen as one of Brighton and Hove’s charities this year has one main objective - to champion young people and help them achieve their goals. They support individuals aged 10 –18 to fulfil their potential in sports, arts and education, by giving a helping hand to achieve their goals at a time when they really need it.

Mel Perry, Operations Director at the Starr Trust, said ThoughtShift are an absolutely fantastic and energetic team of people who have been so supportive of us this year and to whom we are really grateful. The money that they raise on Sunday will be used to champion local young people to fulfil their potential in sports, arts or education at a time when they really need it. They will be pulling out all the stops and we hope that everyone has a lot of fun at Churchill Square with their racing pigs - our money is on Peppa Pig!"

There will be plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained including pig racing, face painting, balance the lemon and throw the pong. Come along to win some goodies and prizes. There’s lots of fun to go around!

Pig Racing: Meet the Pigs

Come meet the pigs. Our battery-operated pigs are cute and cuddly with a speed that will both amaze and frustrate you. They wiggle, they grunt and they move at lightning speed (well not really, but its great fun to watch them bump into each other and race to the finish line!). The pigs will be racing at regular intervals throughout the day, so you can catch them at any time between 11am and 5pm. Here is a little bit about them:

Wilbert the pig Wilbert – Now this little piggy is very fast and often wins the race. His favourite treat is pork scratching’s with a side of peanuts. He may not be the cleanest of pigs but when he has an itch to win the race he is a good one to bet on.

Babe the pig Babe – A film star in his day, Babe likes to take on a good challenge and tends to come out on top. He has been known to race alongside ducks and even horses so will not have any trouble in this family pig race. Watch out for his friendly companion Charlotte – she’s there to give him some help with direction!

squealerSquealer - The name says it all. Squealer can get a little excited when she is racing and let out an almighty squeal. She also likes to be the centre of attention so often wears a silly hat or bright colours.

Peppa the pigPeppa Pig - Peppa Pig enjoys jumping in muddy puddles with her teddy bear, playing fairy, and dress up. She has become a bit of a diva and has listed her demands for the day - cupcakes on demand. Let’s hope the cupcakes don’t slow her down!

Piglet the pigPiglet – A traditional little pig who has since got bigger. Piglet has something to prove to Babe and Pepper Pig so could be the most determined of the bunch. Supported by Pooh Bear and the rest of The Hundred Acre Wood, there will be lots of people to help cheer him on!

Pig Racing - How It Works:

We have 5 little piggy’s to race. Up to five people can bet on each of our pigs at a time. One bet is £1. If your pig wins, you will win a prize.

Balance A Lemon - How It Works:

Have you got the care and attention to balance a 20p piece on a lemon? Why not come down to give it a go. If you are able to get a 20p balancing on a lemon for more than 3 seconds you are in to win a prize! If it drops or falls your 20p becomes a donation to The Starr Trust. How good are your nerves?

Lolly Board - How It Works:

Pick a lolly without a red end and you get to keep the lolly. Pick one with a red end and you will not only get to keep the lolly, but you will also be able to win a prize!

Throw The Pong – How It Works:

At one end of the table stands 6 different glasses of various shapes and sizes. At the other stands you with a ping pong ball. If you manage to bounce a ping pong ball into one of the cups at the end of the table in one bounce, you will receive a prize. There will be bigger prizes for the more difficult cups. Come along and give your bouncing skills a go.

Come On Down

We would appreciate any support to help promote this event so that we can raise as many funds as possible. There are plenty of prizes, giveaways and treats but we do recommend you arrive early to avoid disappointment!

We hope to see you on Sunday!