ThoughtShift Summer Party 2017

Posted by Heather

Every year AJ and Helen take the team out for the ThoughtShift Summer Party. Back when the business first started this would be a surprise and the team would get told to switch off their laptops and be whisked away on an unknown adventure. With the growth of the business this spontaneity is no longer possible, but we still like to keep the mystery and the team have no idea what dastardly plans we have in store for them until the day.

Shiver Me Timbers

This year’s theme was all about pirates and boy did we have some crackers. Everyone really embraced the theme and at 08:30 on a warm July morning a band of nefarious pirates boarded the ship and sailed off to unknown territories.


Pirates in Training

We headed off to the darkest depths of Sussex and docked at Q Leisure where the crew had the chance to hone their pirate skills with shooting, archery and axe throwing.

Pirates in Training


Once they were battle ready we sailed for Brighton in need of sustenance and what better place than MeatLiquor. Over beers we heard there’s treasure to be found, so the crews headed off to the Royal Pavilion Gardens where a hunt for the lost bounty ensued.

Treasure Hunting

Thirsty Work

After racing around the city like a bunch of blood thirsty pirates, the crew stopped to rest at a local watering hole and were soon deep in their cups at Brighton Music Hall.

Rum for the Pirates at Brighton Music Hall

Reward Awards

This was a prime opportunity to find out who the winners of the annual ThoughtShift Team Awards are. The hotly contested categories as voted by their peers.

[Blog_gallery title="Best Dressed" img="" alt="The Best dressed" width="200" height="264" caption="The best dressed, most stylish “on trend” member of the team."][Blog_gallery title="Back in the Day" img ="" alt="back in the day" width="200" height="264" caption="The most nostalgic member of the team who loves to share how it used to be."][Blog_gallery title="High School Musical Award" img="" alt="High school musical award" width="200" height="264" caption="Person most likely to burst into song around the office with impromptu singing."]
[Blog_gallery title="Social Butterfly" img="" alt="The social butterfly" width="200" height="264" caption="The person whose social calendar is always jam packed."][Blog_gallery title="Sunshine Award" img="" alt="The sunshine award" width="200" height="264" caption="This award goes to the person that brightens everyone's day."][Blog_gallery title="Best Beard" img="" alt="The best beard" width="200" height="264" caption="This award goes to the best beard, facial hair coiffed to perfection."]
[Blog_gallery title="Chatterbox" img="" alt="The chatterbox" width="200" height="264" caption="This award goes to the person who loves a natter."][Blog_gallery title="AJ’s Pencil Case Award" img="" alt="AJ's pencil case award" width="200" height="264" caption="The person that comes up with solutions not problems and gets it done no matter what."][Blog_gallery title="Sweary Elf" img="" alt="The sweary elf" width="200" height="264" caption="Person most likely to drop the F bomb around the office."]
[Blog_gallery title="Rookie of The Year" img="" alt="The rookie of the year" width="200" height="264" caption="This award goes to the best newcomer. The individual who has thrown themselves into their role and impressed with their enthusiasm."]

Buddha Prize

After totting up the scores throughout the day the winners of 2017 Buddha Prize are AJ, Richard and Niamh.

The Winning Team

Fancy Dress

Massive thank you to everyone who made such an effort to dress up and embrace their inner pirate. They all looked FABULOUS. Honourable mention to our lovely Niamh, who clearly went next level with her papier-mâché costume of a cannon ball.

Niamh as a Cannon Ball

Well that’s it for another year! A fantastic Summer Party. Everyone had a fantastic time and the laughter, much like the beer didn’t stop flowing. Massive thank you to AJ and Helen for spoiling us. Watch out 2018 because it’s going to be even better…

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