Top 5 Magento Case Studies That Inspire Us Every Day

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Magento as a community is full to the brim with awesome success stories, interesting challenges, and inspiring designs. As a Magento development team, we always look for something new and awesome that the community achieved. Today we would like to share with you 5 Magento case studies that motivate us to grow and inspire to try new things.

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All of them had different challenges and difficult goals. The one thing they have in common is the outstanding ingenuity and effort these brands put into making their stores a success. Meet 5 best success stories of 2019.

Best Store Upgrades: Magento-2019 Edition

In our opinion the best Magento store is a store that constantly grows, successfully sells more, and attracts new leads. Looks do matter but they are not the end goal of a store upgrade. That’s why in this list we’ve collected businesses whose teams managed to raise their online presence to the next level in terms of better profit, rapid year-on-year growth, and superior user experience instead of just getting a shiny redesign.

Meet the leaders in e-commerce B2B market – and we hope their experience can inspire your team to awesome things, too!

1. A Multi-Store Expansion for a Well-Known Multinational Brand

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Hewlett-Packard has a huge global presence in the world. On their website, the company showcases 92 countries and regions with their own customized content and offers. Not all of the regional links go to a specific store, though. Some of them are just a list of certified HP dealers.

In an attempt to grow the company's presence and deliver more local content, HP decided to grow the network with 5 new regional stores based on Magento 2 CE platform: China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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HP Asia-Pacific team set 5 goals for themselves:

  • migrate the stores from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • make all stores look and feel local
  • connect Magento 2 to HP Universe and other internal systems
  • deploy in 5 different places within a tight project timeline
  • unify store experience for all Asian-Pacific locations


Magento 2 served as a small part of a much larger 3-tiered system closely integrated with HP Universe and other internal logistical, inventory, and supply management solutions, in addition to Magento 2 upgrade, more than 600 Indian HP dealer stores needed to integrate a Click & Collect system, Asia-Pacific is a large region with significant monetary, cultural, linguistic, and consumer differences between locations, each store required a different set of payment and shipping integrations.

Main result: 23% growth in online store purchases, strong integration within the HP ecosystem, and good user experience both from online shoppers and HP employees.

2. The Brittish DIY Legend Got a Redesign

Selco is a famous UK DIY store with a catchy jingle It’s where the trades go. As a result of the migration, Selco now boasts a 2.3x year-on-year revenue growth and 0.6 million monthly visits.

Over the years the store has gone through at least 3 design overhauls in an attempt to improve sales and user experience. With more than 15,000 customers and a significant mobile segment, the company decided to focus on mobile experience and integration with other solutions.

In addition to better shopping experience, Selco took care of their on-site workers. The dev team integrated into the store the Project Tool App which allows workers to request repair quotes, work online and offline, and create shopping lists on the go: all with the help of Magento API.


  • cluttered store design was hard to navigate
  • store employees weren’t mobile enough and wasted a lot of time checking inventory and creating quotes
  • workers had to deal with spotty Internet so the mobile app needed offline capabilities


  • reliable mobile experience both for users and employees
  • a big spike in customer satisfaction and employee productivity
  • close integration of Magento store with other company tools
  • 169% year-on-year growth in revenue
  • 600,000 more monthly visits
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3. Boosting Online Sales of a Plastics Giant

In addition to impressive sales numbers, this particular business case offers an interesting approach to decentralized solutions. The dev team had to invent a central Magento Commerce solution that could be replicated locally and customized as needed.

Vink VTS specializes in all kinds of plastics for medical, construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. The dutch giant used to rely too much on traditional sales channels and didn’t focus enough on the online part of their customer experience.

In order to stay competitive and keep the market share of one of the largest plastics manufacturers in the European Union, Vink needed to up their game in the online retail sector.

Main challenges:

  • a slow and outdated store needed to be faster and more user-friendly
  • the store was a custom-built solution that had trouble dealing with growing user traffic
  • sales teams worked inside the main ERP that wasn’t integrated at all with the store. This resulted in double data entry and wasted time
  • other teams had to deal with locally built solutions that all had different suppliers, buyers, and logistics
  • with a huge network of stores and countries, the new store needed to adjust to complex price structures, different legislatures, and unique business processes


  • +160% growth in store orders
  • two-thirds less internal sales calls
  • faster store with less than 2 seconds load times
  • close integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system
  • central Magento Commerce solution that can be replicated and customized locally as needed

4.Mobile UX Rebuild for an Upscale Coffee Retailer

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Intelligentsia is a fast growing large scale Chicago-based retailer known for upscale coffee beans with their own distribution channels and suppliers. Their website sells directly to consumers and also partners up with national brick and mortar grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Pete’s Fresh Market to bring their coffee directly to the “offline” crowd.


  • Intelligentsia staff dealt with a lot of double entry work since they sold both to businesses and individual consumers
  • the backend of the store was weak: storing and managing multiple product catalogs was slow and inefficient
  • mobile experience was nonexistent which cut off a part of their potential buyers from the target audience
  • there was no real connection between the ERP and the online store


  • the dev team developed a central admin solution for B2C and B2B
  • helped choose a new ERP system and integrate it with Magento
  • grew mobile conversions by 34%, mobile transactions by 16%, and overall traffic on mobile devices by 40%

5. Migration to Magento 2 for the Home Improvement EU Brand

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BAUHAUS opened its Swedish branch as a pilot project. The German brand was so well received in the North that the home improvement company decided to expand its operations in Scandinavia with a faster, more user friendly and modern-looking store, backed up by a tight integration with a host of backend solutions – mainly their powerful ERP system.


  • 250 stores across Europe with 50,000+ products in multiple categories
  • a fast growing online business needed an upgrade to support future development
  • B2B customers needed more functions and flexibility to efficiently manage orders and shop at BAUHAUS
  • the store had to work fast even with 115,000 sessions per day (which were expected to grow in the future)
  • the company was looking for ways to automate as many operations as possible,


    • almost 3x online revenue growth accompanied by 4x increase in conversion rates
    • the addition of well-thought-out product reviews, how-to videos, and FAQ functionality offered new vectors to grow which the competition lacked
    • a close integration with the company ERP system (order and account management, credit, custom delivery system, BankID, and Click & Collect payments)
    • SOAP/REST API can pull data from the company’s ERP system to display net prices for B2B customers
    • B2B customers can create construction projects, set up multiple delivery addresses, pay for materials per project or with invoice / prepaid methods
    • 80% reduction in manual operations due to integration and automation efforts.

Inspire the Community With Your Own Story

Working with Magento on a daily basis, we have accumulated a large list of our own success stories, business cases, and unusual dev challenges. Throughout the years we have learned that not all stores are the same, not all business processes are straightforward and easy to grasp, and not all Magento store owners face the same challenges.

Everyone has a different story to tell. Would you like to share your own challenges and achievements with the Magento community? We can help you tell about your results and unique challenges in a meaningful and wholesome way. Let’s get in touch to craft a story worthy of a good adventure novel!