Can You Double Your Fashion E-Commerce ROI by Improving Your Ad Writing? (Pt 2) - picture
Posted by Christina
Okay, so last month I introduced to you how the combination of PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimisation) can increase your return on investment (ROI) as a fashion e-commerce site and how this can also help you to compete with the retail hungry monsters that are the very successful, and powerful multi-store brands. As helpful as the investment into these marketing tools can be to your site’s ROI, they are only really going to work if they are implemented correctly.The first rule in optimising your online shop  is that you need to understand who your audience is. If you know who your audience is then everything you optimise your site for and the entire content of the site, can be built with your audience in mind making your e-commerce site not only a shopping channel but a relevant source of information and interest to your audience. It is this that is going to help build your marketing campaign as the entire focus will be your website and audience, so if the purpose, content and structure of your site are built for your customer’s user experience then your marketing campaign has a great foundation to work with in order to be successful.When thinking about your customer you need to really think about their navigation process from the beginning and whether you are engaging with them from the start of their search.

The Search – PPC Techniques and Approaches (Quick Wins)

Ad Writing - Are you maximising your Ad space in comparison to your competitors?

  • Are you using Ad Extensions? Ad Extensions or Site Links as you may know them allow you to add 6 additional links to your site to be displayed beneath your PPC advert if you also appear within the top 3 ranks organically listed on the first page of SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) which you can add to your Ad’s in Google Ad Words 
  • Are you using Google Merchant Centre? As a fashion e-commerce site, the Google Merchant Centre is an excellent marketing tool to you as it enables you to entice your audience with your product immediately making it instantly accessible to them. The biggest temptation to a fashion customer is seeing what you have to offer… dangle a new outfit, handbag, pair of shoes in front of them and someone is bound to bite and click through to your site…window shopping is much harder when you can’t walk away from it and buying it is only a few clicks away
 These are just some of the marketing tools you can implement into your PPC campaign to improve your website’s presence within search engine results because if you are seen more frequently and are more visible to your target audience when they are in the mood for buying, you are more likely to increase the probability that a visit will convert into a sale and as a result, increase your ROI.

Research – Have You Done Any?

Contrary to popular practise you cannot just create a marketing campaign use your own business as its only source because it is a bias approach and your perception of your site’s current success may not be accurate. PPC is a science, the research forms your methodology which is what you want the outcome of your practise to be and the results are your conversions.Follow me in my next blog where I will discuss the areas you should research for a successful  Fashion E-Commerce marketing campaign and why these are important.