The Low Down on Google’s Latest Penguin 4.0 Update

Posted by Rosie

As I’m sure you’re fully aware, Google recently announced its latest algorithm update and guess what, it works in real time. The long awaited update has certainly ruffled a few feathers amongst business owners who are no doubt concerned for their organic rankings. In this post I will give you the low down on the Google Penguin 4.0 update, explaining what it could mean for both SEO and link building. But most importantly, reassure you that the new real time update is nothing to fear, it’s a simple case of being in the know and reflecting this onsite, which you’re already doing, right?  


Penguin, What Penguin?

Google’s core algorithm ‘Penguin’ assesses the quality of your inbound links- whilst doing so it will determine how relevant, natural and ultimately whether they could be classed as spammy or not. Where traditionally Penguin was crawling your site as frequently as every few years. Now, with the addition of this new real time update the wait is over and this analysis is happening consistently, yes that’s right, now!  Oh but don’t forget this is of course one of 200 signals Google uses to determine the organic ranking of a website. It has yet to be proven whether Google is applying any additional weight of importance to Penguin over say, Panda, until we hear more from Google we must assume that it is still one of many important ranking factors. 

Ultimately, for those who have been and continue to play by the rules and follow Google’s best practise guidelines, what’s the big deal? The process is now far more granular, each inbound link is now reviewed individually, meaning we can expect the new Penguin to be far more reactive. For those playing by the rules this is good news and for those aggressive competitors who have been using unhealthy SEO tactics for some time, well it’s bye-bye to page one, rightfully so hey? 

“Focus On Creating Amazing, Compelling Websites”

The above was Google’s main statement with the release of the update, notorious for being overly optimistic, yeah easier said than done Google, it can be difficult to see the light through the trees.  Having worked on various different SEO campaigns, I am always surprised to hear and see how many companies fail to put their brand benefits, high authority clients and work achieved on their website. It’s all very well knowing this information yourself but if you’re hoping that word of mouth alone will achieve you a sizeable growth in leads and sales, it’s simply not enough.  This is where the integration of different marketing channels is so imperative. You must ensure that everything you know about your company and its services is explained to the master itself, Google.  How? Through innovative, constructive and relevant onsite and offsite content, of course.

Google Penguin

Respecting The Good Guys

Every movement Google makes brings us one step closer to simply following our common sense, if it feels like a bad idea, it most probably is. Nothing great comes to anybody fast, it takes time, dedication and a clear understanding.  Why should those not abiding by the rules be rewarded?  We have access to a world of free information through the Organic channel, those looking for a cheap SEO solution are constantly testing Google’s patience. The Penguin 4.0 update may well bring the end to low value and spammy link building tactics. 

Want to play by the rules? Place high importance on your website. Make sure everything amazing you know about your site and products/services is reflected in the copy, do you offer a personable service? Are you offering a niche product/service that could really do with a dedicated landing page explaining in it in full, that sure would benefit the user, oh wait Google loves that? After all, you would essentially be making Google’s job far easier. Once you’ve achieved this – bearing in mind the way the digital world works this will need to be monitored and tweaked often, you can begin including your site into your PR, outreach and link building strategy.  Because when you build something great you want to let people know about it, right? Makes total sense.  

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