ThoughtShift News – World Domination Imminent

Posted by Tom

Turn to the centre fold of the Brighton Argus and you’ll be struck by the two beautiful mugs of AJ and Helen, our wonderful company directors. No they’re not on the lam or going on trial for crimes against humanity, they’re being praised for their fantastic work in digital marketing. In a new column that earmarks successful local businesses and enterprises in Brighton, AJ and Helen were asked about their success in digital marketing and how the business came about.

“Our mantra is ‘do it different’ which means we like to approach everything we do with an innovative attitude” It is this attitude which has made ThoughShift a great success and allowed us to grow as a company, proven by the fact that despite being up and running for only two years, we’ve had to move office six times now! “We got very excited to let our own office but even though the landlord wanted nine months’ deposit upfront the real stumbling block was that we needed a guarantor, who would be responsible for £150,000 in rent if anything happened to us over the next three years”.

Helen and AJ go on to talk about our innovative attitude and challenging the status quo in everything we do, as well as learning as we go along. “Last year we had a bump in the road which caught us by surprise. We got through it and we learned a really valuable lesson which was to expect for things to not always go the way you assume”.

So what’s in store for the future at ThoughShift HQ? “We are passionate about helping young people to establish their digital marketing career and want to grow our ThoughtShift Digital Marketing Academy to create more opportunity to train for free in our industry. Already four of our staff have graduated from our digital marketing apprenticeship and are part of our team getting great results for clients.”

“Having rolled out a wide range of new digital marketing services over the last twelve months including conversion rate optimisation, display advertising and mobile marketing, our plans for the next three years will see us expanding into new territories, such as the US”.

Bloody show offs.

But it’s not only in the local paper that we’ve been making waves, we’re also pleased to announce that ThoughtShift has been shortlisted as one of twelve finalists in the Local Business Accelerators Competition. AJ and Helen will be pitching the ThoughShift business to a panel of local experts in order to compete alongside other upstarting businesses.

So before you ask all is well in the ThoughShift Towers, our plan for world domination is well underway muhahahahahaha!