Top 7 Tips for Working from Home

Posted by Heather

More people are working from home than ever and a lot have been deployed as home workers in the last few weeks due to the current pandemic. For people new to home working here are a few things to consider, that will make life a little easier.

1. Workstation Set Up

You need to be comfortable and setting up a dedicated working area in your home helps keep the boundaries of work and life clear.

  • Make sure you use a fixed, level surface for your laptop
  • Your chair that supports your back and allows you to be comfortable when typing
  • A pillow or cushion can make it more comfortable
  • Your wrists should be supported on a level surface when typing and using the mouse or tracker pad
  • Everything should be in easy reach, so you aren’t over stretching and causing strain on your back, neck and shoulders
  • If it suits you play some music in the background as it can improve productivity
Laptop on a desk
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2. Stay Organised

Being organised and planning out your day and your week will make you more efficient and productive. It will help you stay focused and give you clear, achievable goals. Set your working hours and plan your tasks in your calendar so your colleagues can see what you have planned and when you are available. Schedule catch up video/calls with your team and collaborate together so you don’t feel isolated flying solo.

3. Regular Breaks

It is so important to take regular breaks away from your screen and your workstation. Rest your eyes, looking at the screen for too long isn’t good for you. Move to a task you can do away from your screen or make yourself a drink.

Having a coffee
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4. Fresh Air

Open a window and get some fresh air into your workspace. Fresh air is important. Maybe take a stroll outside during your lunch break or in the garden.

Jumping outside
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5. Hydrate

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids it’s easy to forget. Tea, coffee, water, juice and squash all count towards your daily fluid intake and are proven to help keep you alert and productive.

Glass of water
Photo credit: Martina Leitschuh

6. Lunch

  • Take your 1-hour lunch break away from your workstation
  • Stretching is important, maybe stick on a yoga or stretching video on YouTube
  • Walking is really good for you. Walk the dog or your neighbour’s dog if you don’t have one and stretch your legs.
  • Meditation might be something you want to try – there are a lot of free apps out there such as Calm and Headspace
Photo credit: Rita E

7. Communicate

Working for home can be quite isolating and lonely for some. Make sure you communicate, talk to your colleagues. They are there for you, with a ton of tools businesses can use such as Teams, Sky for Business, Video Conferencing and Whatsapp. If you are a freelancer join the amazing community groups out there who have set up community boards. Pick up the phone and talk to your friends, relatives, work colleagues and peers. We live in a world that has never been more accessible with video conferencing, facetime etc. Use it all! Talking is so important to your mental health and wellbeing.

Working on a laptop
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