Georgina Gorringe

Georgina Gorringe

Georgina Gorringe - Digital Marketing Architect

Georgina is a Digital Marketing Architect with a passion for driving online success. Georgina specialises in crafting and executing integrated SEO and Paid Media strategies across diverse sectors including B2B, travel, healthcare, luxury, and fashion.

Georgina’s responsibilities include, strategic planning, customer journey and user experience optimisation, campaign creation, expansion, and optimisation. Georgina is the architect behind the digital success stories of her clients. Meticulously planning and crafting strategic roadmaps that align with clients' business objectives, ensuring a holistic approach to digital marketing. She leverages her creativity and industry insights to design compelling campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Continuously monitors, evaluates, and refines her clients' campaigns to optimise performance. Her data-driven approach ensures that each strategy evolves to deliver maximum impact, revenue and return on investment.

Georgina’s client experience includes, Finest Stays, Tiny Box Company, Montezuma’s, Theory, BUNAC, Noble Panacea, Fittleworth, Wychwood Art and OutsideIn.

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