Why Use YouTube For Business… Part One

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Video has become a major marketing tool used by many different industries. Not only can video be used as a piece of content to go viral allowing a brand to become better known, but it can be used to entertain potential customers, share information and market products and services in different and more unusual ways than normal marketing techniques.

video-for-you-tubeThis article outlines how to use video for your business and the reasons to use YouTube as a video hosting platform for your videos rather than some of the other video platforms this year.

There just isn't enough time to read articles and pages of content when you are busy working, which is why the ability to watch a video becomes more attractive to those who want quick hints, tips and information in just 30 seconds. It is said that video marketing is the way forward to marketing your business in 2013…

5 Ways To Use Video For Business:

There are many uses of video for all different types of businesses and industries. Here are the top 5 ways you could use video in your company… 

  1. Information: Provide more information about the business, such as doing a video of an office tour, interview about how the company started, or information on the brand.
  2. Customer Reviews: Interview your returning and new customers to get great testimonials and reviews on your products and services. This will help potential customers to be more interested in choosing you over your competitors.  
  3. Demonstrations: Demonstrate your product or service in action in order to sell more. A video can have the ability to get more people to buy into your products and services when they see how they work and how well the product does. This is probably why TV shopping channels do well and sell lots of products, as they demonstrate how to use the products.
  4. Technical Information: Provide technical support to customers to help with specific elements of your products or services. By creating videos on your most asked questions, you can help to give great customer service. These videos can also help to save you money in customer support calls, an added bonus!
  5. Brand Awareness: Brand awareness can be a success if you provide informative or interesting content that has the ability to go viral. It is important to get your business known in your particular sector and industry in order for you to become a nationally known brand. Create a video campaign for brand awareness, and get yourself out in the digital world!

Bearing these points in mind, you’re probably wondering why to use YouTube to host your videos against other platforms such as Vimeo, Brightcove, Cisco show or any others available across the net. Here are five reasons for YouTube:

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5 Reasons To Use YouTube For Businesses:

  1. Popularity: The popularity of YouTube has meant a huge increase in video views. As a main source of entertainment, YouTube is a platform that hundreds of thousands of people use daily with an estimated three billion video views on YouTube every day.
  2. Viral Content: YouTube can make good informative content go viral in hardly any time at all. When you have a piece of content go viral and internationally known, you are bound to increase brand awareness and get everyone in your industry to know about your brand and about you. YouTube offers the ability to share videos easily, making it easier for a video to go viral. Check out the most popular YouTube videos and channels to get some ideas of your own...
  3. Video is easy to make, upload and index: With camera phones and new technology, it is even easier to create a video and upload it these days (provided you have the right resources). YouTube can index a video almost straight away, giving you the perfect opportunity for your video to be shared instantlyvideo-yourself
  4. YouTube has an App: Not only can you manage your own YouTube videos with this App, but the App gives an advantage over other video platforms by allowing video to be viewed on mobile devices when people are on the go. 
  5. Video can be shared: Video can be shared through the ability to embed YouTube videos in pretty much any platform you require. Users are given the opportunity to embed a special code on various blogs, web pages and social media platforms in order to share videos and information with friends, family and other people they feel will benefit from watching that video in particular.social-media-sharing-icons

It is estimated by Cisco Systems that 90% of web traffic will be driven by video by the end of 2013. Only time will tell if this is true, but with the sheer volume of videos and content on the internet, perhaps optimising your videos and channel should be on top of your to do list this year.

So thats it, get making your videos, make them great and get them known worldwide!

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